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“I AM HERE AM I” is at the press!

About 1,500 copies of the BRAND NEW 31-Day devotional for at-risk…

“Taste of Christmas” 2018…Awesome!

Thx for those who gave money, food items, time, and hours of…

Scott has the flu…and finally time to write!

Thx for your prayers as Jesus, the PA at Doctor’s Care, Tamiflu, cough syrup, rest, and an awesome wife and 3 sons (Kelli, Carson & Cooper pictured here), all work together in perfect harmony to help Scott recover from this year’s strand of influenza B. (Shallow breath…cough, cough!). Once past the initiate stages, there has been time and energy for writing and updating the website.

InYou developing video guides for Donny Godsey, Cross Care Ministries

Scott has been privileged to use his design skills to assist Donny Godsey in delivering tools for Emotional Healing. He has been traveling to Greenwood, SC, on Thursday nights, 7 pm, for training. Cross Care Ministries hopes to offer these tools in a variety of target audiences in the weeks to come.