Scott has the flu…and finally time to write!

Thx for your prayers as Jesus, the PA at Doctor’s Care, Tamiflu, cough syrup, rest, and an awesome wife and 3 sons (Kelli, Carson & Cooper pictured here), all work together in perfect harmony to help Scott recover from this year’s strand of influenza B. (Shallow breath…cough, cough!). Once past the initiate stages, there has been time and energy for writing and updating the website.

InYou developing video guides for Donny Godsey, Cross Care Ministries

Scott has been privileged to use his design skills to assist Donny Godsey in delivering tools for Emotional Healing. He has been traveling to Greenwood, SC, on Thursday nights, 7 pm, for training. Cross Care Ministries hopes to offer these tools in a variety of target audiences in the weeks to come.

InYou mailout IN THE MAIL! (Love Laura Olson, USPS)

The 2017 InYou year-end (brief) newsletter is on the way! Thanks to Laura Olson (wife of Chris Olson who sponsored InYou’s Indoor Triathlon for 7 years) who made the bulk mail process bearable. NL includes a discipleship diagram inside that you may want to call me to explain. LOL! Also thanks to Kelli, Ralph Erwin, and Refuge volunteers for helping me stick on 4500 tabs!

Brian Naylor Shares Testimony at DJJ

Brian Naylor of Spartanburg, “nailed it” sharing his story of a troubled teen life to 9 young men in “juvy” tonight. HIghlight was Gal. 2:20, for only Christ can live His life through us. Thx Brad Smith & Mark Hendry for pouring your heart & hands out in loving service to these hurting kids. The cupcakes were fun! Also left “Jesus in the NOW” tract and allowed boys to share a little of their stories through the shaping of a clump of Playdo.

InYou received a generous gift!

Thank you for this year-end gift and others who support the ministry and message of Christ in you!

Pray for Richard & Joseph in Rehab

I dropped off two “Refugees” (our houseless friends at FBS’ Refuge ministry) at Turning Point rehab/work facility. Pray they stay sober, find work, and remain submissive to God and the rules that will set their feet on a better path.

“Refugees” help label InYou’s year-end mailout.

Thanks to the three volunteer “houseless” friends who are learnign to give back by serving the ministry that serves them. Pray we mature from “poverty mentality” to productivity and servanthood.

Scott shares “FENCES” illustration with Faith, Hope & Love Miinstry

Scott shared the session one lesson from “The FIRM Foundation: Jesus Christ” with several men from Michael Archer’s ministry this morning at 8:00 am. FHL is a ministry to men who have graduated a recovery program and need transitional housing, jobs, and accountability.

InYou Men’s Discipleship…always a JOY!

Great meeting with Chip Banke and Brian Naylor this am. Nothing like authentic men encouraging one another to find their completeness in Christ alone.

InYou begins mid-week Bible study with the homeless.

This morning I began a mid-week Bible study for my “houseless” friends from FBS’ Refuge ministry. We met at the public library but immediately outgrew the room and FBS agreed to allow us to use a room in the MPact office nest week. 8:30-10 am each week.