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"What's Worse Than a Sinner?" InYou Window, June 2017

Does it intrigue you that so often when testimonies are shared, the now victor almost glamorizes his wretched past in order to magnify the mercy and grace of God on his behalf? We revel in his redemption yet stand paralyzed to identify with such a story. It’s time to hear from the good side of the tree*

"Stupid Chair! (Projection)" InYou Window, May 2017

"Stupid Chair! (Projection)" I’m sure you’ve seen it just like I have. You’ve probably done it just like I have. Someone runs into a chair, bends a toe back the way it’s not supposed to bend, peels the edge off the unfortunately exposed nail, and screams in sudden pain, “Stupid chair!”

Faith Revelation

Faith Revelation Have you ever been grateful in a trial? Have…